Doghouse Ensemble Theatre’s Incubator program is designed to bring young artists the tools to develop new works throughout all stages of a writing process. Project goals range from staged readings and developmental workshops to fully-realized productions and feedback opportunities.

Incubator projects are comprised of both commissioned and submitted work. Please keep your eye out for further updates as we continue to round out our upcoming projects.

Our Incubator projects thus far include:


#crucible by Brandon Adam

There’s a saying in Salem: “A very bad thing happened here but that doesn’t mean we’re bad people.” When two high school history teachers get in trouble for a tweet and their students start tweeting troubling things of their own, the good people of Salem may show a different side of themselves. A funny, very witty but totally sincere look at how we crucify each other today and at The Crucible itself.

Full Circle.png

Full Circle: A Song Cycle

Words and Music by Reagan Casteel

Prompted by the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting of 2016, and further motivated by recent American political shifts, Full Circle: A Song Cycle follows stories of individuals throughout history who have unfortunately and unfairly become victims of discrimination. This piece delves into the complex but common threads of insecurity, hatred, and fear, all while broadening audiences’ perspectives when it comes to hatred in our society today. Full Circle not only encourages discussion surrounding the current issues themselves but also (and perhaps more importantly), helps to ignite the kinds of discussions necessary to forge a path out of this seemingly never-ending circle.

White Room.png

White Room by Ryan Cook

Have you ever seen or heard or smelled something that has fully immersed you into the world of a previously dormant memory? The memories may vary in vividness and continuity but they almost always have a trigger from something that in reality is only mildly linked to it. What if you could project that type of memory into a digital subspace to experience it like reality? White Room explores the parallels between flashbulb memory and the digital footprint of information. What happens when a flashbulb memory can turn into a life event online? What happens when something so personal can be viewed by millions? Let’s delve into what triggers emotional memories for us and how it can be related to our online presence.

Untitled John Hatcher

[untitled] by John Alexander Hatcher

In the blistering cold Alaskan December, a few newly drafted college students and an army sergeant are stranded in a tattered house in a small town during World War 3 after the deadliest battle on U.S. soil, forever known as “The Battle for Alaska”. With limited food, water, and trust, escape from the looming threat of the Russian military seems impossible.

Ten Step Plan Logo Attempt 2.png

Ten Step Plan

A Collection of Songs by Jake Smith

Ten Step Plan is a collection of the songs of Jake Smith, examining the different sorts of relationships that can be found in the modern dating world. Exploring everything from greed, to murder, to first loves, Ten Step Plan takes a step back to examine what it is that brings us to say; “I love you,” through both the good times and the bad.