Doghouse Ensemble Theatre

The mission of Doghouse Ensemble Theatre is to offer artists opportunities to create innovative, exciting, and dynamic work, embracing the fact that they are spread all across the world.

The Doghouse Ensemble is dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and allowing for communities around the globe to access our work without being financially burdened.

The Ensemble Members of Doghouse Ensemble Theatre comprise the main creators and collaborators of projects, submit material, ideas, and for which Doghouse Ensemble Theatre offers opportunities to pursue what they love to do artistically. Our Ensemble Members are individuals with varying backgrounds and strengths, who provide the organization with insights, diverse artistic skills, and strong collaborative ambitions within their own “home bases.”

The Artistic Directors of Doghouse Ensemble Theatre are the primary visionaries for Doghouse Ensemble Theatre’s continued success, growth, and continued artistic quality. They are the overseers of business operations, artistic projects, and executive decisions based on their collaboration with the Board and Ensemble Members.

The Board Members are an integral addition to Doghouse Ensemble Theatre, participating in administrative decisions, development, and overall management of the many different facets of the organization.

Certain Ensemble Members also provide additional organizational services outside of the board’s responsibilities, including the following:

Communications Director: Julia Steenstra

Licensing Manager: Reagan Casteel

Literary Manager: Yoni Weiss

Resident Graphic Designers: Daniel Gurevich, Yoni Weiss