Shakespeare Translate: Romeo & Juliet

About the Production

Shakespeare Translate: Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare and Google Translate was presented on February 10th, 2017 at Pace University. It was livestreamed on our Facebook page.

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Production Photos

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About the Play

As created by Sophia Carlin, Sarah Hurley, and Melissa Ingle, they ask the question “What happens when you put Shakespeare’s work through Google Translate umpteen times?” By deconstructing language and music, examining how we interpret classical text in the 21st century, and by allowing Shakespearian text to let loose and be funny, we hope our audiences will discover that “where words fail, music speaks.” Regardless of what language theatre is expressed through, we all seem to stop and listen to the rhythm, tempo, cadence, and lyrical quality within the music of language that provides greater understanding of human empathy.


  • Ethan Coniglio (Romeo)
  • Sylvia Czubarow (Juliet)
  • Yoni Weiss* (Friar Laurence)
  • Sophia Carlin (Mercutio)
  • Libby Lee (Nurse)
  • Katie Swonger (Tybalt)
  • Nolan Atterbury (Lord Capulet)
  • Gavin Cranmer (Lady Capulet)
  • Chance Riley Kester* (Paris)
  • Sarah Hurley* (Benvolio)
  • Nick Jeffs (Prince)
  • Johnny Travers (Abraham/Balthazar)
  • Linnéa Hinkel (Servant/Page)
  • Chloe Gluchanicz (First Citizen/Apothecary/First Watchman)
  • Kelly Ng (Gregory/Friar John/Second Watchman)
  • Ryan Cook* (Sampson/Peter/Third Watchman)
  • Jameson May (Chorus)

Creative Team

  • Melissa Ingle (Director)
  • Adria Branson (Stage Manager)
  • Alex Church-Gonzales (Stage Manager)
  • Sarah Hurley* (Dramaturge)
  • Sophia Carlin (Dramaturge)

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