Doghouse Ensemble Theatre came to be when founding members Yoni Weiss and Mark Mazzarella set out to produce a student-run production of Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead at their high school, Interlochen Arts Academy. Needing a company name to put on the contract, they impulsively named their organization “Potato Productions” believing the alliteration to be more important than the message behind the name. It mostly didn’t matter at that time.

Following a number of other projects, they changed their name to “Red Doghouse Productions,” an homage to the iconic Red Doghouse from the PEANUTS cartoons.

After graduating from Interlochen and going their separate ways, it became clear that there was still an urge to create with one another and with their colleagues and peers old and new. Thus, Doghouse Ensemble Theatre was formed.