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How to Meet Agents Without Being a Creep

By Sarah Hurley

The acting industry is incredibly competitive and with so much talent to choose from, agents find themselves with more prospective clients than they can handle. I spent the summer at a boutique agency and opened many large envelopes containing headshots and resumes and “give me a shot and you won’t be sorry” cover letters. Due to the sheer volume of submissions, a great many of these end up in the recycling bin after a quick glance over. Out of desperation, some actors try to stand out. Although we are encouraged to think outside the box and make choices that are different than everyone else, when it comes to seeking representation too much deviation from the norm makes it look like you don’t know the industry standards at best and is just plain annoying at worst (sending an envelope full of craft glitter will cause you to be remembered in a less-than-desirable-manner). That being said, here are some classy and crafty ways to get yourself on an agent’s radar according to the agents I worked with this summer. Continue reading “How to Meet Agents Without Being a Creep”

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Meet the Artist: HOPSCOTCH’s Daniel Sakamoto-Wengel

My name is Daniel Sakamoto-Wengel, and I am playing Will in Doghouse’s production of Hopscotch by Israel Horovitz. This is my first production with Doghouse Ensemble Theatre. I am a Twin Cities-based actor, director, preschool teacher, and editor for the digital magazine, Super Dope&Extra Lit, of which Imani is the editor-in-chief. I was born and grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, where I attended the Baltimore School for the Arts before going on to attend the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program, from which I graduated in 2016.

One of the joys of this production is the opportunity to collaborate on a two-hander like Hopscotch with my partner. Imani also comes from the UMN’s BFA acting program, so we both have similar skill sets. On top of that, her being my partner has definitely helped with our short rehearsal process because there are a lot of moments in the play of intimacy and combat that can be a hurdle for some actors, but that stuff has come to us pretty naturally. Continue reading “Meet the Artist: HOPSCOTCH’s Daniel Sakamoto-Wengel”

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The Meaning of an Arts Education

An Opinion Piece by Clarence Dodge

Kenny Lloyd is a young boy from a middle-class family who attends his local public school. He endures the school day in all its academic dreariness, until arts class. The school allocates a period of time for both the visual arts and music. Kenny loves writing, acting, dancing, playing music, painting, and expressing himself through a variety of ways. There is nothing more that Kenny loves than putting himself in the shoes of others and walking a mile. His arts teachers love Kenny and encourage him to seek the arts for a career in the future.

Cutting Out the Arts

However, once Kenny starts to become older everything he loves seems to come under attack. Suddenly his life has to revolve around standardized tests and the government mandates. The arts classes Kenny once took are replaced with hour long lectures on mathematics and English to prepare for these tests.

Continue reading “The Meaning of an Arts Education”