I Do Believe in Fairies

About the Production

I Do Believe in Fairies by Mark Thomas Johnson with Yoni Weiss and The Killer Darlings will be performed at Dixon Place on April 20 at 10pm.

About the Play

A boy shows up in your bedroom, offers you some Fairy Dust, and takes you on a journey you will never forget. Peter, his drug-addled fairy “friend” Tweaker Bell, Pan’s Lost Boys, and the coked-out Darling children find themselves face-to-face with Captain Hook, so-named for an infamously missing appendage. I Do Believe in Fairies is a violent, ridiculous adventure that upends the mythical tale of the boy who never grew up.

Creative Team

  • Mark Thomas Johnson (Playwright)
  • Yoni Weiss (Director)
    • Jonathan Siverson (Assistant Director)
  • The Killer Darlings (Performers)
  • Tori Pierce (Production Stage Manager)
  • Alex Church-Gonzales (Designer)
  • Megan Griggs (Designer)
  • Quentin Madia (Designer)
  • Trent Soyster (Choreographer)