Montserrat (Luna) Guerra-Solano

Montserrat (Luna) Guerra-Solano (she/her) is an award-winning filmmaker, published photographer, and writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with expressed experience in marketing and advertising. With a strong background in photography, her work has been featured in gallery shows, as well as online publications such as “The Interlochen Review”. She has worked with musicians (Summer Green, Allie Kessel), to produce original music videos, including Grammy-balloted artist Elytta to create hand-crafted album images and music video, both of which have been featured on Spotify and festivals, respectively. Currently, she is employed under Champlain College’s Department of Communications and External Affairs as a marketing assistant, with a specialization in social media marketing. Through this position, Guerra works alongside other professionals and artists to create video and photographic content to showcase different marketing campaigns. Alongside this professional experience, Guerra is also the Co-Founder of ARTIFY, a subscription-based art service which provides artists and consumers alike with exposure and quality service. As an alumnus of Interlochen Arts Academy, she studied Motion Picture Arts under Michael Mittelstaedt, Andrew Hiss, and Lesley Tye, and plans on furthering her education as a Communications and Creative Media student at Champlain College.