The Outs and Ins

About the Play

The Outs and Ins: A Study in the Ineffable is a musical study in the inability of words to capture an experience. Composer, lyricist, and performer Jacob Ryan Smith explores medical labels used to summarize a person’s mental and physical state, and how when an individual’s trauma is seen through their eyes, no one word can encompass an entire experience. We are all ineffable—too great to be expressed or described in words.

Workshop Production

outs & in square

A workshop production of The Outs and Ins will be performed April 17th at 8pm and 11pm in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the Walgreen Drama Center’s Towsley Studio at the University of Michigan. This workshop is produced by Wilson Plonk, has Music Direction and Orchestrations by Cole P. Abod, and has Direction by Peter Scattini.

The cast is comprised of Jacob Ryan Smith, Justin Showell, Nkeki Obi-Melekwe, Blake Bojewski, James Young, Liam Allen, Lauryn Hobbs, Aaron Robinson, Zan Berube, and Mason Reeves. The band is Cole P. Abod, Eliza Salem, Tim Edwards, and Allie Taylor.


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